Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Thats them got their first black president, everytime I see him on tv speaking im going to be in anticipation of his head exploding like fuck and everyone screaming and shit like this :

America's far too racist to have a black president. He even has 3 names , like all the other assasinated presidents of America, and his middle ones fuckin Hussain! No chance. Teln yeh.

Oh aye, i was thinking about Haloween and all that shite and i ended up thinking about Easter. Were the fuck does the easter bunny come from? i can see the eggs symbolise the stone from jesus grave or whatever , usual religious pish, but then i thought rabbits dont even lay fuckin eggs ? so were did he come from. Hes a prick anyway , i got one of those big bars of dairy milk last year and a tenner, thats not even an egg. Obama should ban the easter bunny and have him shot. Wank.

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KDL said...

and where did santa clause come from, and more importantly where the fuck did jesus come from, a fuckin book? about talkin snakes? aye nae bawr.. walk on mate.

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