Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Feathers and inside jokes.

Duck ones, not yer dad. Why are they in pillows? who thought of that ? i can think of loads of other softer stuff that feathers, cause they have that spikey bit, and one came through my pillow last night an chibbed is, thats what made me think it. Anyone know?

How gay are inside jokes on websites, like when you go on bebo or whatever and theres loads of inside jokes. Like a big list of stupid things you dont want to read but fucking do anyway and some of them stick in your head and you dont have a clue what they mean , but you want to know , and if you ask they'll say "Aw its a long story" but its actually not , they're just being pricks. Its like "Im having a laugh and im cool and you dont know what im talking about".
Just get tae fuck right.
I hate people in general.

I hope it snows soon, i want to snowboard again.

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KDL said...

halarious post or whatever

and i hate the inside jokes too, theres always lists of them, and because people are so pathetic these days they milk any opportunity they have when they're in power or when they know something you don't, the only thing to do is bring them right back down to earth. spike there drink with acid or stab there mum, then play around in her blood infront of them until they explain the inside joke, and tell them, to never do one again.
i bid you fair well. lol. or wateva