Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ben : Diary of a heroin addict

I watched this documentary today - its a series of cuts of video camera tapes that a heroin addict called Ben made - He took the camera about with him everywhere he went and ended up recording the last two years of his life. I know you think so fuck , just another junkie , exept hes got a camera, but it wasnt. He's a really nice guy and he doesnt want to be addicted but cant fight the addiction even though he trys. He talks to the camera alot and he has a feble little voice, sounds friendly and not like the usual junkies. Over the film it documents him slowly getting worse and worse and its sad as fuck cause he keeps talking about how he knows its happening but he cant stop. At the end it shows you how his mum and dad cant retire because they need to keep working to get money for him to live because hes nearly dead by this point and can hardly fucking move. His dads 71 and cant retire. The end clip shows you his face up to the camera in a dark room , fucked on heroin, he says i love you mum and i love you dad and im sorry for being such a loser, and he says hes sorry for his addiction. Then theres a black screen and it says the next day he checked into a drug rehab unit but within 24 hours he died from a brain hemorage cause d by withdrawl from drugs.His dad died 9 weeks later from cancer. It should be shown in schools. It made me think differently, cause before i just thought junkies are junkies and thats it , if you get the chance, watch it.

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