Sunday, 21 December 2008

Thank Fuck. A Happy Blog.

Thats me done all my christmas shopping nat. Now im like:

Just get to look forward to paper hats, cold turkey, slade, bucks fizz, shit jokes from crackers and chewin the fat repeats.Fuckeen Yass.

Does this happen to everyone or are they taking the piss and scheming against me; When you buy something and your in a busy shop and the shop prick puts a note and reciept in your hand then piles a fuckin mountain of change on top of it , then says 'next over here please' , so youv then got to balance this copper mound on top of this paper with the thing you just bought in your other hand while the 'next over here' person is right behind you trying to make you drop it all so you spill pennies all over the joint and look like a fanny?

Merry Fucking Christmas.

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KDL said...

hi, my names kyle, and i'm an alcoholic.


an annoying change giver

When im in tesco on the tills i do the exact same thing with the receipt and change when i give it to people, thinking about it, i suppose it's because i think that if i don't put the change on top, the receipt will blow away. but you don't get wind indoors.

eh, merry christmas.