Thursday, 11 December 2008


Everyones been asking mewhat they've to get me for christmas and i keep saying nothing , cause I dont want or need anything, it just makes them more pissed cause they feel they have to get something and im not helping out. So ive finally decided what i want. You know the strawberry dream ones in Roses, the ones everycunt eats first and you only get 1 if yer lucky. The stuff in the middle of them , strawberry stuff, thats what i want, at least 2 litres of it , doesnt matter how you get it , you can all sit with shit loads of boxes of roses and teaspoons and then it can be a joint present from everycunt i know.Just get it, somehow,Please.

1 comment:

KDL said...

aparantly you milk it out of santa's nipples.