Sunday, 7 December 2008

Christmas Trees

What the fuck? Actually never thought about that before, a tree, inside the house? Whats that got to do with anything? I mean santas clearly got fuckall to do with jesus and the religious side of christ mas. But then a tree as well, i think in planning world events somecunt just threw in a few mind benders for a laugh , fuck it, along with the jesus and that weeeee willll havveeeee........ A big fat guy wae a beard, doon the chimney........ Annnnddddd..... aaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddd...... a tree! in yer hoose.... aye thats it, naw, naw, naw wait. Ahaha just thought of a good yin , we put lights on the tree as well, aye. What yeh mean its stupit? I'll naw bother tellin yeez about the rabbit ive got planned fur easter then.

This is the word event planner:

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KDL said...

no no no no no ur all wrong, your not looking at the fact
first of all, how the fuck do u think jesus got all the way to bethlehem? a donkey or something? no! a fucking tree!!
as for easter, what did u think it was celebrating? jesus? no! genetic mutation, so whats a better way to celebrate than getting a fucked up rabbit who lays chocolate eggs, to give them to us.
u rly need to think b4 u speak